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Everything You Need To Know About Electrical Safety in Mines

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Mining is an old industry and it has caused a number of fatal and non-fatal injuries in the past. Even with modern technology and high-safety standards, mining remains a very risky industry. Every year, a large number of miners are injured in mining accidents. Most people assume that mine collapse is one of the most common reasons behind these tragedies. While that’s true, it’s not always the case; in fact, many of these accidents are caused by electrical faults and problems.

Electrical Hazards in Mines

A mine has a cold, damp environment. Several heavy industrial machines, drills, lights, and wiring go through it at any given point of time. Mines are also usually crowded with miners completely focused on their task. You can see how this is a recipe for disaster. Even with high-safety standards, there’s always a risk of contact with live wires and that can be fatal. Many miners face electrocution, arc blast injuries, burns, and other such injuries from electrical accidents.

Without question, mining in Australia isn’t comfortable. While the mine is under ground, it’s not cool by any means. The temperatures inside can soar because of the heavy lights and heat emitted by the equipment. The environment is dusty, stifling, and humid. Workers inside are always under considerable strain and experience sleepiness, dizziness, dehydration, and slower reflexes. That’s why strict adherence to safety rules is absolutely essential.

How to Be Safe

There are several safety regulations in place to keep miners safe. In such a dangerous work environment, you can’t take the risk of making compromises or becoming lax. Here are some suggestions for you to follow:


You need to make sure that your miners are well trained and know how to handle tools. They also need to undergo refresher courses regularly to ensure that the knowledge stays put in their minds and they don’t forget to take the proper safety precautions. Good training and regular refresher courses and keep your miners sharp and alert.

Tagging and Testing

All equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure that it functions at peak efficiency. If the equipment doesn’t work well, it can lead to accidents and risk the life of your miners. You need to check ventilation systems, lighting, generators, alarm systems, sign, and other such equipment regularly.

Personal Protection Equipment

As we mentioned before, mining environment is harsh and dangerous. It’s absolutely vital to wear protective gear like work gloves, personal ventilators, boots, protective glasses, hard hats, and the right high-visibility clothing. No miner should venture into the mines without these protective gears.

Hazard Locations

You need to evaluate your mine system and determine which zones are hazardous. After that, you need to ensure that all of these locations are clearly marked so that your miners don’t encounter them accidently. You need to use highly visible labels in such locations so that they’re easily noticeable even in the dark.

You need to observe all these precautions to keep everyone in the mine safe. There are several other safety rules and regulations that you should follow. It’s not wise to cut corners when it comes to equipment, inspections, and safety gear. You should invest in the best quality protective equipment for your miners to ensure they have adequate protection.

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