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ADDCInCharge120 - Custom Made AC/DC Converters
The GBX and GBP2 series provide a comprehensive range of standalone DC/DC converters, ideally suited to demanding industrial applications or other harsh environments. The standard range covers 30W to 360W power levels, 12V to 110V input, and 5V to 48V outputs.


An enhanced version named the GBP2R is also available, specifically designed for on-board railway applications.


All these converters are built with planar magnetics and power ceramic capacitors for long service life and low profile compact size. Fully encapsulated construction ensure environmental ‘ruggedness’ for tough and demanding applications.


The converters are rated at full power standalone operation without the needs of any extra heatsink or cooling attachments, for up to 55°C ambient without derating (free air convection cooled). Higher operating ambient temperature is possible with added cold-plate conduction cooling (see spec for details).


In addition to the standard range available, other power levels, input and output voltages, as well as various standard and custom options are available upon request.


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The GS range provides ‘no-break’ battery backup power to critical loads such as the security and access control sector.


Available in 120W and 280W power levels, and 12V, 24V and 48V systems, the GS PSUs provide 2 separate outputs, one output for powering the critical load, and the other output (bi-directional) for charging a backup battery with temperature compensation, 3-step user-enable charging algorithm, and full battery monitoring and overload protection.


When the primary power (AC mains) is interrupted, the battery provides the power to run the critical load. The transition is transparent to the load.


The 280W family (under development) also has Power Factor Corrected AC input to meet international IEC standard.


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Power Products

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KaRaTec have designed and manufactured a wide range of bespoke power products in accordance with clients’ specific needs.  Previous custom builds have included:


  • Advanced, linear power supplies
  • Locomotive, multi, independent output converters
  • Military, portable, dual input converters
  • slide-in pluggable, multi output power cards
  • dual redundant input, battery backup power modules with multiple outputs
  • compact, PCB mount dual, output modules
  • GBX AC & HV
  • Wide I/P DC Charger
  • PCB modular


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KaRaTec supplies a full range of products that come as modular building blocks for systems such as Alarm Cards, Sharing Module and Relay Modules.


These products can also be used as add-ons to existing units to produce extended hold-up time, server transient clamps etc.



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