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choosing power supply solutions for harsh industrial applications

Aspects to Consider While Choosing Power Supply Solutions for Harsh Industrial Applications

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Commercial or industrial premises require power backup. Even small blackouts can cause significant damage to sensitive machinery and cause loss of revenue. To avoid this problem, you need to install a comprehensive power supply solution on your industrial premises. But how do you choose a good solution for industrial settings?

Far too often, people install power supply that’s insufficient or is bigger than necessary. Here are some aspects to consider when you choose a power supply solution for harsh industrial applications.

What are Your Load Requirements?

Before you purchase a UPS system, you need to calculate your power supply needs. Your machines, motors, relay controls, and solenoid would need high electricity to jumpstart them. You need to set up a solid and reliable power system that would supply sufficient backup for smooth and continuous operation as well. You should also keep mechanical failures in mind and choose a system that would handle overload or brownout situations in an effective manner.

Input Lines

In most industrial properties, the same AC lines are often used to feed power into the power supply and the machines. Unfortunately, that can cause a number of problems like power surge and overcharging. Such fluctuations in power will damage the power supply system. That’s why it’s vital to have clean lines and make sure that your power system is properly installed. You should also choose a UPS system that has a wide AC output, which will allow uninterrupted supply and keep your UPS system safe from power surges.


Effective heat management depends on how well the system is designed and installed. The power supply system generates considerable amount of heat that needs space to escape. When you mount the system, you need to make sure that there’s enough space between each unit for the air to circulate and the heat to disperse.

You also need a heat sink that would draw the hot air away and keep the system cool. Engineers and designers have to plan for this before they install a power supply system. It’s also important to have the right mounts, enough space, and good fans to keep the system cool.

Operating Temperature

Mounting isn’t the only concern in heat management. It’s just one of the most important aspects of an overall heat management system. You need to make sure that the ambient temperature is also maintained well. For every 10°C reduction is temperature, the battery lifespan can double. If you maintain a good ambient temperature and purchase a unit that can handle heat better, you’ll have a more efficient system in place.

It’s crucial to keep in view that a UPS unit with a five year warranty would be able to withstand the conditions better than a unit with a year’s warranty. They’re just built to handle ambient temperature conditions better and will have higher component de-ratings.

Vibrations and Shock

The environment in which the UPS system is placed has a major impact on its performance. If they’re placed very close to the machinery and experience shocks and vibrations regularly, the units might become damaged. If you plan to install them in such conditions, you should consider units that are specifically-designed to withstand vibrations and shocks.

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