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What Kind Of Communications Capability Does Your UPS Need?

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Some Uninterruptible Power Supply systems require basic communications functionality to warn the critical load of a potential failure. However, complex, widely-distributed, large systems benefit significantly from network-based, communications solutions. Not only are these more sophisticated, but are also the best way to monitor modern-day, large-scale UPS.
In ICT rooms or data centers, the primary role of a UPS is to ensure that systems have instant batter power in the event of a mains power failure. At times, the backup resource is built to support loads for more extended time frames. However, the primary purpose is to ensure there is sufficient time to shut down the system in a more controlled way. If a generator is available on site, the UPS buys time for it to start up and power the system.

The Communication Aspect

The UPS will communicate via a warning signal and trigger one of these strategies in case of a mains failure. If the blackout time is more than the autonomy time, that can only delay the crash, but not prevent it. This, of course, is the most obvious scenario. However, there are other notable ways in which remote monitoring terminals & building management systems can benefit if they have visibility of the status of the incoming mains supply and the UPS.
These systems also need to have the ability to control the Uninterruptible Power Supply if required, quickly. However, it’s advisable to invest only in communications ability that is realistically required for your specific application.

Solutions That Are Built On Networks

Some applications have much larger systems that are a distance apart and spread over multiple sites. The monitoring, maintenance, and management challenge these present require a full IP-based WAN (Wide Area Network) solution. If some of these sites don’t have a network manager or are unmanned, this solution becomes even more necessary. If any problems arise in these systems and aren’t fixed quickly, it can cause irreversible damage to both the software and system hardware.
The best way to ensure this doesn’t occur is to make sure that the UPS’s have SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) functionality. It will help to control and monitor all the devices on the WAN from a well-equipped, centralized location. Simple Network Management Protocol) is a standard aspect of the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) suite. This suite ensures all network devices can transmit management variables in a timely way across more extensive networks.
The network devices assimilate the information and send it to the MIB (management information base). From this location, the SNMP management software that is operational within the user’s OS can access it.

The Maintenance Aspect

This type of system also makes it possible to carry out predictive maintenance. The UPS can track battery usage, track power level history, log power disturbances, and alert managers of any other problems. When you have SNMP installed, it also becomes possible to access this information across the network. The data can be analysed quickly, and potential issues brought to light before they result in damage or downtime.
Multiple UPS’ can also be included in an expanded SNMP-based network. This inclusion enables optimum load management and efficiency. Well-established UPS vendors generally use communications & networking to provide efficient remote UPS monitoring services to their clients. The company can also brief their field service technicians that can carry out remote diagnostics. If required, this can be followed up with a site visit.
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