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an explanation of the ip code

Understanding the IP Code

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Electronics often come with labels like waterproof and dustproof but no one really understands just how waterproof and dustproof they are. These labels don’t really give you a clear idea about the electronic item. In an effort to dispel the confusion and ambiguity, the IP code system was introduced. Most people are more comfortable purchasing products with the IP rating.

What is IP Code?

The IP Code stands for International Protection Marking. It’s often referred to as Ingress Protection Marking as well. This marketing was established by the International Electrotechnical Commission and has been adopted by many countries as a standard for marking the ingress protection.

So, what exactly is ingress protection? Ingress Protection is protection offered by electrical enclosures and mechanical casings against elements like water, dust, physical objects, and other such intrusions. These intrusions can damage the delicate circuitry inside the casing and render the object useless. Many devices and electrical items have IP markings on them, including consumer devices like mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc.

How does the System Work?

The rating system is actually quite easy to understand. It consists of the letters IP and two digits. Sometimes, one of the digitscan is replaced by the letter X. Here’s an explanation of what the digits indicate.

The First Digit

The first digit indicates the level of solid particle ingress protection. This rating will tell you whether physical particles like dust and objects like sand, sticks, etc., can penetrate the protection and access the electrical conductors or dangerous moving parts. It will also indicate how efficient the protective casing would be.

The Second Digit

The second digit indicates the level of liquid ingress protection. The rating will tell you whether water and other such liquids can penetrate the electrical enclosure and damage the internal circuitry and mechanics. It will also indicate just how effective the casing is at keeping liquid at bay.


Most people mistakenly assume that X equals 0 but that’s not the case. X indicates that the enclosure does offer considerable amount of protection, but the protection isn’t determined or quantified.

What do the Digits Indicate?

The first IP digit:

  • 0 stands for no protection against ingress or contact
  • 1 stands for greater than 50mm. The enclosure offers protection from large surface of body but it won’t protect against deliberate contact.
  • 2 stands for greater than 12.5 and will be effective against smaller objects like fingers.
  • 3 stands for greater than 2.5mm and is effective against thick wires and tools.
  • 4 stands for greater than 1mm and is effective against most wires and thin screws.
  • 5 stands for dust protected and is effective against some level of dust ingress.
  • 6 stands for dust tight and won’t allow even a single speck of dust in.

The Second IP Digit

  • 0 stands for no protection against ingress or contact.
  • 1 protects against vertically falling dripping water.
  • 2 protects against dripping water with the objected tilted 15°.
  • 3 protects against spraying water.
  • 4 protects against splashing water.
  • 5 against water jets
  • 6 against powerful water jets
  • 7 against immersion in 1m of water
  • 8 against immersion in 1m or more of water
  • 9 against high temperature water from water jets.

Hopefully, this brief explanation will help you understand the concept of IP. If you want to know more about IP code or our custom made DC to DC converters and services, don’t hesitate to contact us at KaRaTec Power Supply Pty. You can give us a call at 612 9808 1127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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