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Modern Day Inverter Technology For Welding Applications In Potentially Harsh Environments

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Up until very recently, large scale construction sites used traditional transformer-based power sources for all their welding requirements. But today, these have been almost entirely replaced by inverter welders that are rugged, multi-process, efficient and potable. These benefits outweigh the benefits of the former by a significant margin.

Since inverter-based power sources are lesser in weight and smaller in size compared to engine-driven or transformer-based units, they are perfectly suited and a very practical solution for various construction applications.

Inverter Technology Has Evolved in A Big Way

Inverters have been installed and used on construction sites for quite some time (even in potentially harsh environments). However, the older models didn’t have the resilience to withstand the elements at these job sites. Many of these units were efficient and portable and delivered an excellent arc response, but weren’t as reliable as conventional engine-driven installations or transformers. Businesses and industrial settings that used these always had a tough choice to make between ruggedness and small size.

However, all that has now undergone a change. Credible and well-established companies are now manufacturing innovatively-designed outdoor welding inverter systems; and these multi-process, high amperage, portable power sources are far more robust and hardy than their older counterparts, and they have a small footprint too; this makes them best-suited for extreme field requirements. These changes have also considerably helped increase the efficiency and productivity levels of workers in job sites. The different advantages of the modern-day inverter technology are:

Rugged Operation

Most current day inverters are specifically designed from the ground up, for construction applications with harsh environments and the operator in view.

Withstand High Temperatures

Harsh weather conditions have a negative impact on the overall performance of any welding equipment. If you are going to be using these inverters in extremely high temperatures, look for ones that are desert duty rated. In the past, companies simply opted for machines with a higher amperage than required to ensure their welding machines wouldn’t give up in jobsites located in areas with higher temperatures. Many current day inverters are provide excellent rating for welding output at very high temperature function up to 55°C.

This helps companies accurately size their welding machines as per their requirements; this saves them a considerable amount of money on the purchase price, when compared to investing in a much larger machine only so that it’s able to withstand the high temperatures.

Inverter Enclosure Design

This is another factor that has to be taken into account when buying an inverter for harsh weather conditions. The inverter’s enclosure should be rated for this purpose and it refers to the surface’s ability to resist water and other damage.

These inverters are run through tests in controlled research lab environments and are subjected to rain showers that direct water from a vertical position, while the inverter fan is running. In the wet state, the machine has to be able to withstand an insulation-resistance test as well as a voltage dielectric test.

Other Tests

Aside from this, the inverters also undergo various testing to confirm reliable and robust performance in harsh environments. The tests they are run through are:

  • Reliability tests
  • Vibration
  • Impact
  • Drop
  • Jerk
  • Humidity
  • Salt

The company that you approach for your inverter requirement will be able to guide you and provide you all the information you need, based on the scale and the welding needs of the work site.

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