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Rugged Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) DC/DC Converters

For harsh and underground mining environments

IP68 rated RI45 output connector provides power-over-ethernet

Designed for and proven in Australian harsh and underground mining enviroments

Full output power at 70 degrees C ambient air temp, natural convection cooled

Field proven reliability, MTBF 260k Hrs, 100% burn-in / soak tested

Ultra wide input 10 – 40 V DC with reverse polarity input protection

Ultra stable, regulated, self-resetting electronic short-circuit and overload protection

Any output voltage on request: 12, 24, 48V DC inputs are standard

Output currents: 12 V @ 5A, 24V @ 2.5A, 48 V @ 1.25A

Extra -low output ripple and noise: +/- 0.5% V nominal pk-pk, 30mHz BW

Strong immunity to input surges and spikes: ESD to IEC61000-4-2: 4KV

Added EMC filtering: compliance to AS/NZ 61000.6.3

Spacing-saving: low-profile, compact: 88 x 120 x 40 mm

Ultimate shock, vibration and water-proof: resin potted/ IP68 rated case

non – oxidising, black – anodised aluminium u-channel case

Choose a variety of different output and input connectors

Add-on modules for added hold up time and lightening-strike protection