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Tips To Optimally Maintain Your Large Scale UPS

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For any large scale data centre, a UPS is its defence against erratic power supply and other anomalies such as dips, spikes etc. Since your data centre has expensive equipment that depends on clean and consistent power supply, you just can’t afford to have a downtime on your UPS.

The best way to ensure that the system stays in top condition and functions without any glitches is to opt for preventive maintenance measures. Not only will this protect your sensitive and expensive electronic equipment, but will improve the productivity of your business as well. Research indicates that about 2/3rd of downtime events can be prevented and insufficient maintenance is one of the primary causes of a downtime on large scale UPS’. Here are some tips to optimally maintain your large scale UPS:

Tips to maintain large scale UPS

#1 Prioritise safety

When you are dealing with any form of electrical power, it’s never a good idea to take risks. Safety should be the top priority and you should hire licensed and well-trained technicians that will carry out maintenance in line with manufacturer recommendations. It’s never a good idea to try to maintain the UPS with the help of in-house technicians. Most of these systems are very complex and only professionals are well-versed with servicing of these systems.

#2 Follow a proper maintenance schedule

Most people act with urgency only when the UPS system starts behaving erratically or stops working altogether and they don’t give too much importance to regular maintenance. The simple fact is that preventive maintenance isn’t something you can take very casually, especially when you take the potential costs of a downtime into account.

Hire the services of skilled UPS maintenance personnel that will come in at pre-decided intervals to inspect the systems and assess it for potential problems. They will maintain a record of the schedule, but it’s important that you too maintain a log of the maintenance activities (this could be electronic or on paper). Keep a comprehensive record of the type of service that was carried out and whether any components had been replaced.

UPS – Important maintenance tasks

  • The area around the system and the battery or any other energy storage device should be inspected for proper cooling and obstructions.
  • Make sure that no warnings/abnormalities show up on the UPS’ panel, such as battery close to discharge or overload.
  • The technicians should inspect the batteries for any defects such as corrosion etc.
  • The maintenance personnel should follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. The frequency of the service should set as per manufacturer recommendations.

Hire experienced technicians

Regardless of how well you maintain your large scale UPS, there are times when something can go wrong and the system may fail. Certain components such as capacitors and batteries tend to wear out with regular use. This is why it is important to keep handy the contact details of a reliable UPS maintenance company so you can call them in case you need any unscheduled maintenance or servicing.

Identify an experienced and well-established company that would be able to provide you services exactly when you need then (even at odd hours of the day or on weekends). Check whether they are insured and provide guarantees for their work.

Regular, scheduled maintenance helps prevent an unplanned downtime and easily pays for itself in the long term. If you want to know more about our power products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us at KaRaTec Power Supply Pty. You can give us a call at 612 9808 1127. You can also fill in this contact us form.

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