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VRLA Battery Maintenance FAQs

Uninterrupted Power Supply Battery Maintenance FAQs

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In today’s world, even a minute’s worth of power outage can cause thousands of dollars in loss and damage critical equipment and machinery. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to make sure these systems work well at all times. One of the most important aspects of a UPS system is the battery; and proper maintenance can ensure it works well.

Most modern units have valve-regulated lead acid batteries that don’t require frequent water refills and are sealed. Most people don’t understand how to maintain these batteries. Here are some common questions regarding VRLA battery maintenance.

What does ‘End of Useful Life’ mean?

When your battery can’t supply 80% of its capacity, it’s at the end of its useful life. Beyond this point, the battery would simply start to degrade faster and stop being as effective. You won’t be able to accurately predict when your battery will die so it’s better to replace it as quickly as you can.

Is there any difference between Small and Large UPS systems?

The basic structure of the battery doesn’t change in small or large UPS systems but the number of batteries does. Small systems usually have just one or two batteries that can easily be monitored or replaced. It’s different with the larger systems as they have dozens of batteries to offer higher power capacities and back up.

In such systems, you need to keep an eye on the performance and health of every individual unit and that can be a hassle. A single battery can hamper the entire system so it’s vital to ensure all units in the system work well.

Hot Swappable Versus User Replaceable – What’s the Difference?

Hot swappable batteries can be changed even while the UPS system is active. For example, if your system is actively supplying power backup to your machines and you notice a battery malfunction, you can easily hot swap the batteries without shutting the system down.

User replaceable batteries are easy to remove and replace. The user can take it out of the case without the help of special tools or skills. These batteries are usually found in smaller UPS systems.

Will the Battery Run-Time Improve if I reduce load?

Definitely; according to experts, you can easily improve the runtime threefold. if you reduce the load by half. The less you consume, the longer the battery will last.

Will I Improve the Load of My UPS if I add More Batteries?

If you add a new battery, you’ll extend the runtime support that the UPS system offers. For example, a new battery might increase the runtime by 2 hours. However, a new battery wouldn’t increase the load. For that, you need to install batteries of higher load capacity.

What is the Lifespan of the VRLA Batteries?

Most companies will claim that these batteries can last anywhere between 3 to 5 years and to some extent they’re right. Under ideal conditions, these batteries can last up to 5 years and longer if they’re well maintained. However, this isn’t a fixed timeline because several things can influence battery life, including ambient temperature, charge cycles, maintenance, etc. Some of these batteries can last longer under the right conditions, which is why it’s crucial to create a proper environment for the batteries.

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