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Why You Need a Reliable UPS System In the Manufacturing Industry

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Manufacturing companies rely heavily on their production facilities. Power failures at any stage can result in expensive downtimes, loss of business and sales and an impact on the bottom line. Supply chains that work on a just-in-time basis are at greater risk – even the tiniest hiccup can impact production schedules dramatically.

Unlike popular belief, it isn’t just businesses with 24/7 operations that can benefit from UPS systems. Large equipment used in most industrial settings is more prone to power issues, causing brownouts, electrical distortions, transients and harmonics. If you are in the manufacturing industry and still don’t have a reliable UPS system, here is some information why a reliable UPS system in the manufacturing industry is something you need to consider:

Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply

There are many major differences between an industrial UPS and systems found in computer or data processing or commercial environments. The anticipated design life is a notable difference. Industrial systems and machinery are designed to last for at least 15-20 years. In comparison, rapid advances in technology mean it doesn’t take time for computer systems to become obsolete.

Industrial UPS’s also have to cope with challenging environmental conditions related to potentially harmful chemicals, dust or dirt or heavy-duty territories. The initial costs of buying and installing these systems is higher than standard systems. But once installed, they have a much lower maintenance cost in the long term. This reduces the cost of ownership for companies.

Generator System Solutions

There are a number of different power generators products available on the market. The experts will have detailed discussions with you to understand what your specific needs are before providing solutions that work in your setting. When providing these solutions, they handle every aspect of the project including complex electrics and more. Adding a generator system to your critical power path adds an extra layer of resiliency to your power design.

Some Things to Focus On…

When you are getting a UPS or generator system for your manufacturing unit, some of the aspects to focus on include:

  • Ensure the company that handles the information also provides regular site audits and reports, free of charge. These reports should outline how the critical power paths can be bolstered across your manufacturing facility.
  • Whether you have a locally or remotely-monitored critical power infrastructure, the company should be able to provide complete knowledge as well as assistance in the designing, implementation and management of the power solutions in your facility.
  • Based on your specific requirements, the UPS supplier should have the design capabilities to create reliable power-protection systems that will last for a number of years with regular maintenance.
  • The systems also need to be robust, resilient and cost-effective.
  • The supplier needs to have the ability and resources to provide customized solutions based on the specific needs of your manufacturing business.
  • The UPS or generator systems need to be in line with industry standards and the existing rules and regulations.

The Best UPS Systems

When you will settle for nothing but the best UPS systems for your manufacturing unit, we are the company to come to. We provide customised solutions and make sure that the systems we provide are resilient, robust and reliable. We also offer complete consultation and maintenance solutions for all the UPS systems that we supply.

If you want to know anything more about any of our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us at KaRaTec Power Supply Pty. You can give us a call at 612 9808 1127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we will respond within the shortest possible time to help you with the guidance and information you need.

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