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Ensure the Quality of Power At Your Data Centre With these 5 Tips

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Modern equipment, machinery, and devices are very sensitive to power quality changes and can become damaged by outages, fluctuations, and other such problems. Most people don’t give this fact much consideration and therefore face added repair expenses, downtime, performance problems, and other issues. If you want to ensure your data centre receives good quality of power, consider these tips:

#1 Have a Backup Plan

Brownouts, power outages, and faults can occur at any time. Even if your company receives good quality power supply consistently, you need to make sure there’s a plan B for you to fall back on. A UPS will act as a bridge between the power cut or brownout and the generator so you need to ensure it has sufficient battery support.

Many business owners compromise here in order to save money and that can lead to expensive repairs at a later date. You need a UPS system that supports all of your data centre devices for at least 5 minutes until the generator switches on. Abrupt system shut downs can damage your devices and data centres.

#2 Determine Which Aspects of Your System are Vulnerable

Every data centre system has vulnerabilities and aspects that will be damaged by a power surge or cut. These holes in the system can damage the entire setup and force you to spend a large amount of money on repairs. While you can repair the system and prevent some problems, not all issues are easy to anticipate.

A combination of Risk Assessment and Disaster Recovery plans can help you minimise the extent of the damage. You can get a thorough evaluation of your system done by a third party expert, which will help you understand the risks and come up with a plan to tackle them. You should get the valuation done once every 12 months to ensure your information is current.

#3 Follow Recommended Operating Environment Standards

UPS systems and data centres require an optimal working environment to function well. Most batteries will work well in temperatures between 20°C and 25°C though they will still function in temperatures up to 50°C. Every 10°C drop in temperature from the highest tolerance limit doubles the battery’s lifespan. The same principle applies to a lot of electronic devices and modern computing systems. In a temperature-controlled environment, all data and UPS systems fare well and last for a long time. They don’t require as many repairs and don’t need to be replaced too often.

#4 Service and Maintain Equipment on the Recommended Schedule

Just storing and operating the systems in optimal environmental conditions isn’t enough. You need to make sure that they’re maintained well and are assessed by professionals at regular intervals. This preventive maintenance can help you avoid major hardware faults and ensure the internal cooling systems are clean and work well. Some manufacturers will offer maintenance plans provided by factory trained technicians. They might even extend the warranty if you choose these plans. If your systems are inspected and maintained every 12 months, you will face fewer problems.

#5 Modernise Equipment if Needed

Aging systems will break down and develop problems more often than up-to-date systems will. If you have room in your budget, you should upgrade your systems whenever you can to make sure they’re efficient and reliable.

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