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UPS installations for military applications

Features of UPS Installations For Military Applications

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In modern-day military applications, the diverse environmental factors can easily render a standard on-line UPS inoperable. In addition, the magnitude and total number of power quality-related issues can be very high. Here we take a look at some facts and features of UPS installations for military applications:

  • A large majority of on-line UPS systems are designed for installation in protected & fixed environments that are in a controlled temperature range of 0°C to 40°C. These systems are able to function reliably when installed in data centre, commercial or laboratory settings.
  • They are also more cost-effective than industrial and military-grade systems.
  • However, in most military applications the UPS systems are installed in highly demanding environments. They are also subjected to far higher levels of vibration & shock, wide temperature extremes and airborne contamination.
  • In addition, these Uninterruptible Power Supply systems need to provide clean and reliable computer-grade output power even while operating from a highly polluted power source. MILCOTS or Military-grade commercial-off-the-shelf, on-line UPS systems become a suitable solution in meeting the demanding needs of heavy-duty industrial settings.
  • The military has very specific and stringent requirements when it comes to the UPS system’s ability to withstand vibration and shock. They issue guidelines that detail the allowable parts. They also specify environmental condition ranges in which these systems must operate in order to be in compliance with the military’s requirements.
  • Mobile-based equipment would also have to pass the road tests outlined by the military. Any UPS sold to the military will need to be run through a number of tests. This provides an added level of assurance about their suitability for use in harsh, heavy industrial environments.
  • As part of the safety agency’s standard product evaluation, temperature ratings of all the circuit board materials, displays, plastics, electronic components, batteries, and insulating material are also carefully verified to ensure they are within the temperature specification.
  • The UPS itself operates in the overall manufacturer-specified temperature ranges.

Extreme, Challenging Temperature Environments

Military missions can be deployed anywhere across the globe in some of the most challenging operating environments. Installing commercial off-the-shelf Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems in these settings might not be a smart decision. These locations need rugged and robust UPS’ with wider temperature ratings.

These units are especially built with high-temperature components. They are designed to operate in very harsh environments. But in order that they function well, you need to pair them with robust and resilient batteries with a wide operating temperature range. Some manufacturers also offer UPS & military COTS power conversion products that are designed to meet the harsh settings and be cost-efficient at the same time. These rugged and robust units are designed and built using a no-frills methodology. IT eliminates the huge added costs associated with a customized military-specification UPS, phase or frequency converters.

In Conclusion

When it comes to long-term productivity and reliability, MILCOTS double-conversion on-line UPS systems prove to be the best investment. They provide the benefits of battery backup protection & power conditioning for challenging military applications. They provide years of reliable and trouble-free service in settings where regular computer-grade Uninterruptible Power Supply products will simply fail within a few months or may not operate at all.

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