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How A UPS Supplier Can Help You Choose The Right UPS For Your Commercial Setting

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When it comes to commercial settings, no company likes to face a downtime. It can hamper the productivity of the employees and result in business losses as well. This is also why most companies, offices, retail locations and large scale commercial settings look for ways and means to mitigate their risk of downtime. This is where the services of a UPS supplier or contractor come into the picture.

Not only do these companies provide the actual equipment, but will also have detailed consultations with you to understand what your specific requirements before they deploy a design that will meet the needs of your commercial establishment. The different aspects they will take into consideration include:

#1 Uninterrupted Power Supply Design

Industries such as construction, retail, manufacturing, healthcare as well as large scale of computing and data server settings, can be affected significantly in case they are faced with a downtime. Even many SMB’s report loss of employee productivity and revenue, when there is a downtime in their organization. When you approach a credible UPS Supplier with your requirement, they will adopt a very comprehensive approach to determine what your specific requirements are.

Going through a thorough downtime-cost analysis with you, will shed a significant amount of light on the type of UPS architecture that makes the best sense. While there are a number of units that can provide higher levels of protection, these would be far more expensive, even if they prevent an hour or two of a power outage. However, depending on the industry that you operate in, it can prove to be a boon, especially when there are longer downtimes in your location.

#2 The Maintenance Factor

If you want your UPS system to work as intended, it would require regular and proper maintenance throughout its lifespan. When it comes to UPS maintenance, you have a number of different options.

Preventive maintenance

You can opt for a preventive maintenance contract with your UPS supplier. These contracts generally cover services including technicians coming in every six months to conduct a visual check of all the components such as a UPS connections, capacitors, filters, fans as well as batteries etc. If they find signs of deterioration or potential problems in any of the components, those will be attended to without delay.

Proactive maintenance

A proactive maintenance plan is a step up from standard preventive maintenance. This also includes a visual inspection, however certain components would be replaced based on the expected life cycle of the unit and the replacement schedule plan by the manufacturer. This particular approach is very similar to regular automobile maintenance that requires different part replacement at specific times or at certain mileage intervals.

Predictive maintenance

Today some UPS companies have also incorporated the concept of predictive maintenance. In this type of maintenance, the Internet of Things technology is used to collect the data from the systems regarding their health to identify any trends that indicate the need for component replacement or maintenance. In this kind of approach, you or would only have to replace the parts that are showing signs of failing, regardless of whether it is before/after their scheduled lifespan.

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