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how to save on power consumption in gaming machines

Tips on How to Save on Power Consumption in Gaming Machines

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Current day electronic machines are entirely different from the very basic devices of 10 years ago, that had very limited functionality. Today’s machines are very powerful and they operate on PC platforms. This change is completely in line with the paradigm shift within the industry, such as the launch of server-supported & server-based, networked gaming.

This has spiked the demand for very sophisticated games as well as top-notch functionality from casino’s gaming terminals. In the Australian gaming industry, slot machines are one of the primary revenue-producing devices. High performance and uptime are crucial to their operation as well as to maintain the customer experience.

Previously, these machines were largely electromechanical devices; today’s slot machines are all electronic machines that will occasionally get affected by machine malfunctions as well as lock-ups caused by power fluctuations, that can occur at any point of time.

Most busy casinos have a large number of gaming machines; typically, utility power is used to run these and ensure they keep operating smoothly at all times. In fact, it’s not just these machines, but the related IT systems, security equipment etc. which function on electricity, in this space.

The Power Consumption Issue

While it’s important to have an uninterrupted power supply to these systems, the other concern that casino owners have is that of power consumption. These machines tend to be power-guzzlers. While there are a number of things that can be done to ensure that these machines consume less power, they should also be outfitted with a suitable AC/DC converter. Companies like KaRaTec Power Supply Pty manufacture plug-in, high surge power converters for gaming machines.

Converters such as these have a corrected front-end as well as a high-density, compact high power design, 150% high-surge capability, as well as standby power when the connected PCs are in the sleep mode.

The new electronic gaming machines that have now been launched, are required to have a “power save” function. Once the machines move into this mode, their power gets removed from all the coin diverters, fluorescent lights, monitors as well as incandescent displays. This goes a long way reducing power consumption in gaming machines as well as any associated costs.

Power Consumption Savings

But that’s not all – the power save function also extends to the other connected equipment such as the jackpot controllers and displays. This functionality can be used when the gaming trading for the day, is over. The good thing is that for most of these machines, the power save mode makes a significant difference in reducing the amount of power that a machine uses.

Casino owners can expect 30-60% power consumption savings in comparison to standard operation. Even when the system isn’t in an idle state, the gaming machine’s power consumption is only a little higher than when it’s in being used.

The Use of Converters

The amount of power a machine consumes depends on what type of machine it is, its size as well as the number and quality of all its peripherals – this includes hoppers, coin & note acceptors. Generally, the electronic gaming machines that have larger monitors end up having higher power consumption.

The converters used in these machines have a very important role to play in the overall system. We at KaRaTec Power Supply Pty manufacture very high grade converters and some of these are extensively used in the gaming industry, for various slot and other gaming machines.

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