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Steps That Will Ensure Successful UPS Installation

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If you are looking for a new UPS power source for your data centre operations, it’s evident that you will concentrate on its operational attributes. Some of these attributes include UPS capability, battery liberty, accessibility, efficiency, scalability, and obviously price. But, these concerns, while undoubtedly crucial, are not the entire story. Below are a few critical points to consider about these structural and functional aspects of the new UPS installation procedure.

Steps That Will be Followed

UPS power supplies include fragile and sensitive electronic equipment in addition to batteries and more. Your UPS supplier needs to have the ability to manage all your requirements during the installation process. These are some of the things they will focus on:

  • They’ll check if the suggested location for the UPS installation is accessible by road, bearing in mind the dimensions of their delivery vehicle and offloading gear.
  • The access path has to be clear of obstacles on the day of shipping.
  • They will assess this route in advance to make sure the doorways and hallways (if any) are wide enough, and corners and uneven or unstable surfaces can be negotiated.
  • They will check if there are stairs, they need to navigate.
    If there are lifts on your property, they will check whether these features can manage the load of the UPS system.
  • The next concern relates to the uninterruptible power source’s planned location- they will make sure that enough space has been earmarked, and whether the place is appropriate.
  • Modern UPS systems don’t need massive and bulky input transformers. Many also have a flexible modular layout, which means they can be installed in many places rather than only a ground floor or basement plant room.
    But, it is essential to leave space for future growth if there is a demand for it.
  • The flooring needs to be stable and even.
  • The other aspects include airflow and ac equipment.
  • Experts will also check whether the area can safely house your UPS battery setup, and there is room for related switchgear.
  • The accessibility to this area needs to be easy, yet well protected
  • The UPS sizing is the other aspect that needs to be taken into account.
  • The system needs to be positioned at a location where its sound doesn’t disturb people working in that area.

Regardless of what your Uninterruptible Power System sizing requirements are, it’s worth consulting your UPS supplier. They will keep all of these aspects in view before recommending a system and completing the installation. They will have detailed discussions with you about your needs. They will also make sure that the system you opt for meets the current and future needs of your business or industrial setup.

High-Quality UPS Systems

All of these are very important aspects that have to be kept in view during UPS selection and installation. We at KaRaTec offer tailored solutions to our clients and make sure that all their data centre systems, mission-critical equipment, etc. are well-protected at all times. Also, we also provide excellent UPS system maintenance solutions.

These will be designed to meet the needs of your system and ensure that it functions well at all times. We have the expertise, skill, and experience to provide the type of system you need. Our team is here to help every step of the way.

If you want to know anything more about any of our custom UPS products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us at KaRaTec Power Supply Pty. You can give us a call at 612 9808 1127 or use this contact us form and we will respond within the shortest possible time to help you with the guidance and information you need.

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