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the link between industrial UPS systems and Internet of things

The Connection between Industrial UPS Systems and the Internet of Things

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Internet of Things is a very widespread concept and is utilized everywhere. Many people use it every day without being aware of it. Whenever you use your smart phone to access data stored on your laptop, you use IoT. This concept is extensively used in industrial and commercial applications. Large amounts of data are stored in cloud and accessed through it a variety of devices and employees.

IoT has made company operations smoother and more streamlined. You might wonder how UPS systems and IoT can be connected. After all, UPS systems are just power stabilizers and back-up. They aren’t smart devices. But they can be. If the UPS system is connected to IoT, the potential is almost limitless.

The Potential of UPS and IOT

There are many ways in which UPS and IoT can connect and communicate. You just need to understand these two systems well to develop a good solution. Here are some ideas that might work:

  • Single-phase systems can easily include a USB interface or something similar to enable communication with the network.
  • Large UPS systems can accommodate something more sophisticated. You can install a network management card and use the SNMP or Simple Network Management Protocol to facilitate communication. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to this protocol. You can easily use other communication protocols like Modbus or J-Bus.

If you’re creative, you can come up with several solutions that might work. As we mentioned before, the potential is limitless.

Why Connect UPS to IOT?

It’s all about control. When you connect your UPS to the IoT, you make the system smart. There are several advantages of this and some of them are mentioned below:


When you connect the system to IoT, you can easily control the system. You can switch it off or on just with just a small tap on your smart phone screen. Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to just that. You can have several controls built in that can manipulate the UPS on many levels.


You can monitor the health of your UPS system. The accompanying software can remind you when to top-off the distilled water or when the battery might need replacement. When you monitor the system, you don’t have to deal with unexpected failures and other such problems.


Dedicated software can manage the power of the UPS system. It would allow you to direct it where it’s needed and regulate the output. You won’t have to worry about system overload or fluctuations. You can manage your power resources accurately. You can also set a minimum safe runtime for your system when the main power supply is down.


The power stored in UPS systems can be used to protect sites and data from hacking and theft. The power can reach beyond the system to defend the entire grid of your network. The UPS system can also be used when a security threat shuts down power in your facility. The system would be immediately active and ready to work.

As you can see, linking UPS systems to the Internet of Things can prove to be very beneficial. In fact, it’s possible that UPS companies are already working on this technology. We may well see a smart UPS system in the next 5 to 10 years.

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