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why UPS systems are essential for the military and the government

How UPS Systems Help Meet Critical Power Needs Of the Military And The Government

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Government and military organisations have distinct and unique energy requirements. Their facilities have considerable amount of sensitive data, personnel information, and intelligence reports. In essence, their data banks are a treasure house of information that can be dangerous in the wrong hands. The government and military organisations spend millions of dollars every year to keep their various systems secure and protect them from hacking attempts. However, they also need to pay attention to power back up.

What Do UPS Systems Do?

UPS systems are vital in such large scale organisations because they provide essential protection and backup. All major industries and companies in the world use them. In some cases, even a small power failure that lasts for a few minutes can cause significant problems.

A UPS is essentially a battery that stores power for a long period of time. When there are power outages or problems with the electrical system, the UPS will provide backup and restore power to a building or system, until the main power is back online. As you might have guessed, such systems are essential for military and government organisations.

UPS and Military

Military establishments often process mission critical data and handle considerable amount of sensitive information. Most of these processes are time-sensitive and need to be handled immediately. Delays in such critical processes can actually have an impact on the security and success of the military personnel and their missions.

The military also requires on-site mobile power units to handle communications and operations in the battle field. The mobile power solutions must be reliable, resilient, and be able to handle all devices and equipment present on the field. For that, the military needs good UPS systems in place.

If the power supply is disrupted in military establishments and buildings, there’s a significant risk to national security. These buildings usually have massive amounts of sensitive data that can be used my enemy forces or terrorists to their advantage. UPS systems ensure power supply to these buildings is never disrupted. That doesn’t just protect the data stored in virtual location, but also the servers and data banks within these organisations. After all, this equipment can cost millions of dollars and abrupt power outages can damage them.

UPS and The Government

Government buildings need essential power back up. Every day, these organisations process huge amounts of data that keep the country running smoothly. Some processes are mundane and can’t be stalled for a while, but there are some that are critical and time-sensitive. If the daily critical operations of the government are disrupted even for a few hours, it can cause many problems and even stall important projects.

Not all office buildings would have sensitive equipment that would be damaged by surges and blackouts. But they do have people who perform critical tasks and process important information. To perform these tasks, the employees need a number of equipment and tools, including:

  • Office equipment like photocopying machines, faxes, etc
  • Desk computers, printers, and projectors
  • Server systems and data banks
  • Equipment rooms
  • Communications systems like telephone lines, internet connectivity, etc.
  • Lighting and environment control systems

Without power, these systems and equipment won’t work and the employees won’t be able to do their jobs. In government office buildings, it’s important to back up critical systems so that they remain in operation even after power outages.

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