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Different Types of Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems and their Applications

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Electrical power supply interference manifests itself in a number of different ways such as voltage surges & dips, voltage spikes and harmonics. All these disruptions can cause a significant amount of harm to the sensitive electrical equipment used in various industries. This is especially true in the production or critical processing stages in an operation.

This is where UPS systems come into the picture. They are incorporated into electrical networks to reduce the power supply distortion risk. Electronic power supplies’ manufacturers provide high quality, reliable power flow systems for equipment that is sensitive to electrical load.

These are typically found in emergency equipment, industrial processing applications, computerized data systems, telecommunications and medical facilities. A good Uninterrupted Power Supply can be a very helpful tool to ensure the right kind of power supply performance.

Types of Uninterrupted Power Systems

Take a look at what the different types of UPS systems are and which applications they are used in:

Industrial UPS

These are used in a range of manufacturing or industrial applications such as factories and plant facilities.

Medical UPS

These are used in medical centres and in hospitals. Since these settings have life-support systems as well as other crucial equipment, they need to have reliable medical UPS systems.

Computer & Communication System

These are used by phone companies, web hosting sites and server farms. While most people are aware about the existence of the systems used in homes and commercial applications, there are some specialised Computer & Communication Systems like the ones that have the Military Specification (MIL-SPEC) certification.

Military grade UPS systems

These have a special quality certification- MIL-SPEC, and are used in military operations across the world.

High Temperature

As their name implies, these particular systems are made for use in high temperature settings.

Standby UPS

This is also called the off-line/line-preferred UPS. It consists of an AC/DC as well as a DC/AC inverter, a static switch, a battery, a low pass filter that helps reduce output voltage switching frequency & a surge suppressor. This UPS is commonly used in personal computing.

Standby-Ferro UPS

The UPS relies on a special saturating transformer that has multiple power connections. This transformer can provide a certain degree of voltage regulation as well as some control over the output wave-form.

Line Interactive UPS

In this UPS, the battery and the AC power inverter are constantly connected to the output of the UPS. The battery can also be charged by operating this inverter in reverse even as the AC power is set at standard levels. This UPS is well-suited for a variety of uninterruptible power applications.

The other UPS systems are the Double Conversion and the Delta Conversion UPS.

UPS Performance Features

An effective UPS typically includes many of these features:

  • An input current with a reduced harmonic distortion
  • Regulated output voltage that has low harmonic distortion that is unaffected by load changes/input voltage
  • Low degree of acoustic noise & electromagnetic interference
  • High levels of reliability & efficiency
  • Very low transition times between standard & backup operations
  • Relatively low weight and size requirements and low in cost as well

Most individual power supply systems aren’t able to simultaneously provide all these features. However it’s possible to find some that will suit the needs of the application you need them for.

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