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Fundamental Differences Between A Standard UPS And An Industrial UPS

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Electric power supply is one of the major risks faced by businesses in the manufacturing industry. A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply system helps effectively secure the industrial cycle by providing a steady and constant flow of electricity. This helps to avoid disruptions, data loss as well as fatalities. An interruption in power results in substantial and loss of effort, time and productivity until the machinery is restarted.

Backup UPS systems with capacities in the range of 5-150 kVA have been around for almost four decades now and this particular market continues to grow at an annual rate old 12%. This is primarily because the industry has become far more dependent on the availability of continuous, reliable and clean power. The electricity/power requirements of offices are very different from that of a manufacturing or production unit.

The Differences

Since every production unit will be of a different scale, every production plant will also have a different throughput. Industry settings tend to be harsh and there are a number of fluctuations as well. This makes it important for devices to have a very reliable power factor correction. It’s also the basis of the differences between a standard ups and an industrial UPS. When you are choosing a UPS, there are certain differences that need to be kept in view such as:

#1 Environment

The environmental condition in which the system is to function needs to be taken into consideration. For example, industries such as heavy manufacturing units, petroleum pipelines, as well as Oil& Gas sectors, need very heavy-duty UPS Systems. These would have the capacity to deal with even minor load fluctuations and will provide necessary protection to the equipment.

#2 System design

An industrial UPS system is far more durable and has a complex structure and design. These systems are engineered to handle large scale setbacks in the system and are customised to client requirements. In comparison, a standard UPS has a much simpler design and is able to work in a more controlled setting.

#3 Lifespan

The lifespan of a standard UPS System is far lower than that of an industrial system. The former is largely dependent on contract-based maintenance services. On the other hand, an industrial UPS System can easily last for 20-30 years. The companies that supply these systems also offer customer service facility for the lifespan of the equipment. This means, in case any discrepancy arises, the system can easily be refurbished.

#4 Cost factor

Every business operates in a very competitive landscape, today, which makes it challenging to meet customer requirements. This is why marketers focus on aspects such as cost-efficiency rather than basic cost saving. When you install a standard UPS System it becomes a very practical decision for a low power setting such as a data centre. However, industries that have very high power requirements need sustainable and powerful UPS backup battery systems.

#5 Maintenance and support

Standard UPS Systems don’t need excessive maintenance during their lifespan. However, an industrial UPS System is different and it also comes with a very comprehensive program which includes maintenance and ongoing support services. This is generally done in order to extend the lifespan and ensure optimum functioning or the manufacturing equipment.

At first glance, a standard UPS System and an industrial one may seem very similar. However, they are intrinsically very different in a number of ways. When you need a UPS System for your business, it is important to get advice and guidance from experts in the field.

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