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how better electrical distribution systems can be designed for mines

How to Design Better Electrical Distribution Systems For Mines

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Mines require electricity like human beings need air. Without adequate energy supply, mining operations would come to a standstill. However, it’s also vital to set up an energy-efficient and cost-effective electrical distribution system. After all, mines usually require a hefty investment to set up and maintain.

A smart and efficient electrical distribution systems for mines would minimise operational costs and ensure there are no shortages and blackouts. System breakdowns can stop operations for hours, leading to loss of thousands of dollars. They can also risk the lives of personnel working inside the mines. Constant uninterrupted power supply is essential for the safety of people working there.

What is needed?

Mines require a reliable and secure electrical distribution system. As mentioned above, a power blackout can lead to loss of revenue and risk the life of your miners. That’s not acceptable and it can be prevented by good systems design. There are several things an engineer needs to focus on during the design of electrical distribution system. The main goal is to avoid problems listed below:

Load Shedding

Mines are often forced to shed loads during high energy consumption hours and that can bring it to a standstill. A good system would reduce the need for load-shedding with intelligent electrical distribution systems.

On-Site Power Generation Problems

The load-shedding usually happens when the on-site power generator is disturbed or doesn’t deliver adequate amounts of power. The generator should also be efficient and reliable to prevent this from occurring.

Improper Distribution of Power

You should also keep an eye on how power is distributed. The goal is to minimise loss of electrical power during transfer. You should also have the ability to direct power from non-essential systems to essential systems during energy shortage.

No Backup

Power is essential for the safety of your miners so there should be a backup system in place. If there’s no backup, system failures would risk the lives of your miners and lead to considerable loss of revenue.

How to Set Up an Efficient System

There are several elements you need to keep in mind when you design an electrical distribution system. If you plan well, you’ll be able to set up a system that works for you and delivers the right results.

System Design

Careful and thorough planning is absolutely essential in system design. You need to understand all the rules and safety standards set by the government. A distribution system should also be designed in such a way that it takes the path of least resistance to transport power efficiently.


It’s important to understand, acknowledge, and plan for all possible risks when you design the system. In fact, the government requires that you do so. Proper management of risk will increase the safety of your mines and their efficiency. It will also help keep you and your miners calm in emergency situations.


Maintenance of the system is absolutely vital. You can use comprehensive software to monitor and analyse the system at all times. The software can manage loads, deliver reports on your system’s health, and identify problem areas immediately.

A well-designed, maintained, and thoroughly documented system will ensure that your mining operations keep running smoothly. You need a system that’s current, energy-efficient, reliable, and safe.

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