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large-scale data centre

Does Your Project Require a UPS?

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Don't let unexpected power outages or voltage spikes wipe out any progress you've made in your data. With a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), you can save your complex and time-consuming projects from disaster. Here we discuss whether your projects require a UPS, when and why...

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power supply

Linear Power Supply Vs. Switch Mode

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There are two primary designs for DC power supply - Linear Power Supply and Switch Mode Power Supply. Conventional linear power supply systems are durable and heavy and have a lower noise across high and low frequencies. It’s also why they are best suited for...

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The Importance of Hiring the Services of a Professional Generator Service Provider

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If you work in an industry that is dependent on reliable continuous and backup power systems to maintain productivity and well as regulatory compliance, it's important that you have a local source for constant and reliable solutions. [vc_separator type='normal' position='center' color='#000' thickness='0' up='' down=''] Industrial standby systems...

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