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large-scale data centre

Does Your Project Require a UPS?

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Don't let unexpected power outages or voltage spikes wipe out any progress you've made in your data. With a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), you can save your complex and time-consuming projects from disaster. Here we discuss whether your projects require a UPS, when and why...

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power supply

Linear Power Supply Vs. Switch Mode

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There are two primary designs for DC power supply - Linear Power Supply and Switch Mode Power Supply. Conventional linear power supply systems are durable and heavy and have a lower noise across high and low frequencies. It’s also why they are best suited for...

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The Importance of Hiring the Services of a Professional Generator Service Provider

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If you work in an industry that is dependent on reliable continuous and backup power systems to maintain productivity and well as regulatory compliance, it's important that you have a local source for constant and reliable solutions. [vc_separator type='normal' position='center' color='#000' thickness='0' up='' down=''] Industrial standby systems...

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UPS battery

Common UPS Battery System Failures

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Most UPS catastrophes occur because of battery error. While some large-scale uninterrupted power supply systems' batteries are vulnerable to failure, knowing what can cause these failures and what can be done to prevent them is one way to avoid being the victim. [vc_separator type='normal' position='center' color='#000'...

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